Don’t Touch That Dial: Trump and Carson Release Radio Ads


Donald Trump and Ben Carson released their radio ads today.

Trump’s has all the standard Trump-fare while Carson has a hip-hop ad by a rapper named Aspiring Mogul. Not surprising from a guy who launched his campaign with a gospel choir singing “Lose Yourself,” though I’m surprised Eminem didn’t join the band of musicians who cry “don’t use my song” in every election.

It’s a quick reminder of that in spite of the podcasting renaissance or digital streaming era we’re living in, radio still remains a medium used by a vast majority of Americans.

The Pew Research Center’s State of the Media report this year found that 92 percent of all Americans over 12 listened to radio while only 17 percent listened to podcasts. Online radio listenership has reached 52 percent of the public now which in 2008 had only been 21 percent.

Television is as ubiquitous as radio but there’s something a bit more intrusive about political ads on television. That has led people to wonder whether TV political ads actually work.

Bonus: Seth Stevenson of Slate had a great explanation last year about why AM/FM radio will survive whether the zombie apocalypse comes or not.


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